Troll Food : All this Shit is Ours




TROLL FOOD is a knowledge network and arts group interested in sharing economies, performance, and moving image appropriation. Its members include Peter Lee, Endam Nihan, and Jon Perez.

Value and views are the same thing on YouTube. All this Shit is Ours employs a simple proprietary algorithm to boost the visibility of unseen, transgressive or excommunicated knowledge communities. Running from a customized laptop, bots locate and collect Youtube videos generated by these communities into ‘sets’. These sets are then streamed across digital platforms. Each video in the sets are under 301 views, the baseline for view authenticity verification.

Before 301 views it cannot be said with any confidence if a view represents organic activity or automated activities such as view count inflators, malware, or search rank ‘gaming’. These videos are simultaneously sites of unwillingly obscured, concealed work, as well as work that withdraws, hides and camouflages itself, or crypto-labor — labor that is both ubiquitous and hidden by the massive filtration schemes controlling access and content in network environments.

The title refers to a tweet responding to the looting that took place after the the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Following the public execution, the Twitter user ‘Downtown Fury Brown’ @KidFury tweeted, “All this shit is ours.”


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