Too Small to Fail


This performative was an exploration of finding potential forms for academic-level speculation and paranoia. As an attempt to avoid falling into a pre-established forms of mediated conversation, the artist blindfolded himself and a leading academic in the field of non-governmental architecture and engaged in a series of non-rigorous, hypothetical, and utterly unrealistic thought experiments.

This was the first of a series of performative conversations using an arbitrary bodily limitation to create a conversational system which both participants would be unfamiliar with, and would form as the conversation unfolded. The hope was to estrange the usual non-verbal power dynamics and create a novel conversational environment for both participants.

The central ideas centered around power in conjunction with mechanisms of secrecy, complexity, obfuscation and the potential uses of informational blackmail as a tool of nonlinear social justice.

Further conversations with arbitrary bodily limitations are performed and fed back into later iterations of the same video, creating a constantly transforming mesh of concepts and conversational forms.