Collaboration with Neven Lochhead

In recent years, Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young has made it an aim to again “give music a voice” by offering listeners unprecedented fidelity in personal listening via his product, the Pono (a Hawaiian word meaning righteousness, the one, the pureness) Ecosystem, which is capable of playing back the master recordings of unique performances and classic albums at highest possible quality (see graph below for details). The Pono Ecosystem is believed by Young to be “a revolution in music listening,” and “is dedicated to restoring ear-body connection with a new digital system.” Taking Young’s push for fidelity as a call-to-action, Lochhead and Lee (both music-lovers and inventors) have recently collaborated to unleash ENCORE, a product that promises a new standard in music reproduction and live performance. By harnessing Oculus’ exciting virtual reality technology, Young’s pristine live recording from “Live at Massey Hall 1971” is lifted from the muddy confines the past, to be given a new, refreshing gravity of the present, the real, the now. In this prototype, you, the listener, are encouraged to enter the vividness of the iconic performance. Sit back and watch as an avatar enters the lush world of VR to sit before you, and sing into you eyes, your soul, and possibly your heart.