As an Indigenous Korean, I am continuously searching for Korean practices and knowledge that pre-existed the hierarchical lineage from dynasties to nation-states. This knowledge was literally buried in the ground during the Japanese colonization and as a result, erased from daily practice, only returning to contemporary culture as a neutralized and fetishized image devoid of any ethics or operational models for behavior.

This has led me to construct a self-reflexive, performative and ad-hoc research practice that both mines archived non-linear social protocols abstracted from indigenous social protocols, and applying them to contemporary cybernetic systems of capital.

In relation to today’s technological parlance of the User, I’ve termed this practice as Use-based ethics which requires a personal performative commitment to all technologies, both material and immaterial, organic and non-organic, that I come into contact with in order to nurture environments of novelty and dynamic equality.

This is the core of the Perspectivist and Animist ethical relation the world that Indigenous Koreans incorporated into their daily practices. Every second was an ethical decision, and even more precisely, every thought was an ethical decision.

As such, this practice has led me down peculiar pathways, because I have to pay rigorous attention to all social exchanges I engage in order to explicitly structure and execute contracts that continue the propagation of novelty and dynamic equality. Some results of this Use-Based Ethical Art Practice can be seen in the work – God Hid My Ass Inside of a Korean.



God Hid My Ass Inside of a Korean

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Fluid Head




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Troll Food

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Too Small to Fail

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Transmission Fluid

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What are We Doing so Far from Paradise*

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Raw Quinoa



Unmanned Aerial Vacation









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